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  Bad Vacation Renter of the Month  

March 2014 Worst Guest Award goes to: 

Robert of Draper, UT

Here is our story: Customer trashed the house and urinated on the sofa prior to leaving. Tried to stay an extra night for free tell cleaners that he already paid for the night. Threatened to leave negative feedback and contact credit card company unless we returned all his money after stay for 1 month.



February 2014 Worst Guest Award goes to: 

Mitchell of Caton, GA

Here is our story: Breach of contract pet violation (two pets not authorized). Excess cleaning required, damaged towels. Thought this young man would be respectful to the property. Left the hot tub filthy dirty had to be drained. Security deposit was forfeited for bringing in unauthorized pets. The group used retaliation methods wrote multiple negative reviews on Flipkey. Would consider this guest a high risk renter.


January 2014 Worst Guest Award goes to: 

Steve and Terri of Sacramento, CA

Here is our story:  This person wrote one of the most bizarre reviews ever. Our family had been at our vacation the morning before this person arrived and we were there the afternoon after he left. So we were able to check out all of his claims - other than the dishes, which were fine.

1. Claimed that there was a guitar string missing or broken. We keep a full set in the piano bench, right next to the guitar. For some reason he couldn't figure that out.

2. Claimed there was something wrong with the hot tub water. Two things here. One, we were there that morning and there was nothing wrong. Two, he admits that he reported a problem, admits that the problem was fixed and then complains about it anyway!

3. Complains about the broken-head seagull, which is strategically placed there because it is funny. Just like the very unusual portrait of Rod Stewart from the 1970's in the kitchen. This guy has zero sense of humor.

4. Complained that he couldn't figure out how to use the TV system. This is despite the fact that I not only provided him with written instructions, but my email instructions also have links to youtube videos I made for assistance. He also never called for help until his trip was over. And it should be noted that that one call came on New Year's Day while I was out to breakfast with my family. Instead of enjoying my breakfast, I had to listen to this guy drone on and on for about 45 minutes!

5. The bar-b-que incident is totally bizarre for several reasons. One, he should not have been working on anything, he should have reported it. Two, he claims the battery was corroded, but left it on the counter for me to see and there was no corrosion. Three, somebody in his party messed with and completely mangled the switch.

6. The lighting claim is particularly hilarious for three reasons. One, nobody before or since has ever had a problem with the lighting. Two, when I inspected the house the day he left, I found that all of my patio doors had tea bags taped to them at eye level. He later admitted when I called him that a couple of people in his party are near blind. Three, one of the motion lights that is mounted above the front door had been taken down by his party - I found the motion light sitting on the phone box in the entryway!

Lastly and most importantly why this is the worst renter I have ever had is because after I pointed out that so many of his claims were either silly, or bogus, or could have been corrected if he'd let us know, he promised to me on the phone (with my wife listening in on the extension) that he would severely modify or take down his bad review. He has not done so, even though I have reminded him of his promise.






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