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  Calling all Vacation Homeowners  

Are you tired of Bad Vacation Renters?  Then Join the Bad Vacation Renter Listing Service where Vacation Homeowners can submit the names of the problem vacation renter.  This website is dedicated to owners of vacation rental properties that have had to deal with a really Bad Renter.    With the Technology that is available today bad renters will no longer be able to rent from quality home owners...all we have to do is ban together by networking.   

Let's not let another unsuspecting home owner rent to someone that is known to be difficult, leave the property excessively dirty or damaged. Become a member today and share your experience with others... so no one else has to deal with these terrible renters. 

Bad Renter Listing is the only site that allows Vacation Homeowners to post the names of Bad Vacation Renters. 

  • Have you had a renter that caused negligent damage to your property ?
  • Have you had a renter leave your property filthy dirty and refuse to pay excess cleaning fees?
  • Have you had a renter leave tons of garbage and  refuse to pay excess trash fees?
  • Have you had a renter that used your home for a wild party ?
  • Have you had a renter threaten to write a negative review as a ploy to get a refund? 
  • Have you had a renter call you all hours of the night complaining and making unreasonable requests ?
  • The Answer is.... fight back and list them

If you have experienced any of the problems listed above then it is time for you to consider becoming a member of Bad Vacation Renter Listing Service.  There is no cost to join, all that we ask is that you share the name, address and city of the bad renter and provide a summary of your experience including photos supporting any claims you make about the bad renter.

It's time to put more control back in who a homeowner rents their property to....so what are you waiting for...click on the membership page and become a member and start enjoying the benefits

The goal of this site is to keep track of the problem renters in a database and provide the information to members of this site.  The Bad Vacation Renter Listing will enable the Vacation Home Owner to become more enlightened as to if a renter has a history of problems.  Members of this site will be able to make a more informed decision as to if this is someone they want to rent to.


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